Since our last newsletter in the fall, we have been quite busy here. Many activities have been taking place, and our foundation is making good progress.

In October, Father Edward Mazich, O.S.B., and I visited Saint Mary’s Abbey in Morristown, New Jersey, where Abbot Giles Hayes, O.S.B., and Father Elias Lorenzo, O.S.B., prior of Sant’ Anselmo and a monk of Saint Mary’s Abbey, hosted a reception to promote the Saint Benedict Education Foundation.

At the end of October we had the great pleasure to host at Saint Vincent a lecture by the newly appointed Archbishop of Seattle, Most Rev. Peter Sartain, a distinguished alumnus of Sant’ Anselmo who gave a lecture for supporters of the Saint Benedict Education Foundation.
In November, the Foundation held its board meeting in Lisle, Illinois, followed by a fund raising dinner hosted by Saint Procopius Abbey and the Benedictine sisters of Sacred Heart Monastery. Thanks to their great hospitality and generosity, it was a successful event. We hope to continue to build our network of friends in the midwestern part of the United States.
In December, we held our first meeting of the Friends of Sant’ Anselmo for the Western Pennsylvania Chapter in a small, family style Italian restaurant in Greensburg. We are planning a follow-up gathering on March 20 at the Saint Vincent Gristmill in Latrobe.

In January, I traveled to Savannah to promote the Foundation. The event was hosted by Kimi and Harry Haslam at their home. It was a great joy for me to have the opportunity to discuss Sant’ Anselmo and to express thanks for their kindness and generosity. Our network of friends now continues to expand in the south.

The Saint Benedict Education Foundation is one way to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and we are grateful for your support of our efforts. Let us continue to work together to help those young men and women who have chosen to give their lives ito Christ.

Father Benoit